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Seems like everyone is going green these days and you certainly are no exception. To celebrate your eco-mindedness and let the community know about it, you can host an eco-awareness event. Earth Day (April 22; www.earthday.net) would be the perfect time for such an affair, but any day is a good day to honor and respect our planet. Of course, you’ll need plenty of giveaways that are “eco-friendly,” meaning the products not only have eco-friendly material or don’t emit harmful gases and chemicals but also promote activities which keep our Earth green. These giveaways will also attract attendance and raise awareness.

Pre-Awareness Mailing
First, find a unique item to send to 500 community members beforehand, alerting them to the place, date and time of the event. Biodegradable highlighters, or an eco-friendly memo pad, for example, clearly say “green,” and you can invite the community to grow along with your company and services. You can also send out a press kit made of 100% recyclable material to let the press know you’re planting the seeds of change with your new sustainability practices.

At the event, provide something attendees can carry goodies in, such as a wide array of organic and recyclable totes and duffels.

In The Bag
Such goodies can include “green” items like notepads, a digital photo frame, or USB drives made out of organic materials. A coffee sleeve or biodegradable bottle is a unique, premium quality, reusable green product! Don’t just think about the materials items are made from, however. Keep in mind that products that keep other items out of landfills and protect Mother Earth in other ways might qualify too.

At the event, be sure to hold a raffle where winners will receive higher-end items. The proceeds can go to an environmental nonprofit, creating goodwill and sending a positive message from you. Raffle participants, too, will feel good about doing their part for a good cause.

Pre-Awareness Meeting
Sticky flags
Letter Clipboard
Jumbo billboard bag
Therm-O Snack
Standard Nonwoven Tote
Computer Tablet Messenger Bag
In The Bag
Organic Strawberry Premium SPF 15 Lip Balm
Recycled Scratch Pad
Eco Standard USB Flash Drive 2.0 (128MB)
20 oz. Eco Friendly Bike Bottle
Glass Solar Jar Sunlight Jar Lantern
Mutifunctional Rechargeable Outdoor Lamp /
Bamboo 1-Bottle Accessory Gift Set
Bingham Globe
Manhattan Zipper Padfolio